“It is so nice coming to work every morning knowing that our new office will be presentable to our patients. We have never had to take time out of our busy day to clean or even worry about cleaning. What a breath of fresh air! I would recommend Three Rivers Cleaning to anyone!!”

Karena Mounts

Hays Dental Group

“We’re very happy with their service. Staff tell me they appreciate coming into a clean office on Monday mornings, and I appreciate Brooke’s follow-up and responsiveness.”

Valorie Drake

Greater Yellowstone Coalition

We were looking for a new cleaning service for our company when we were contacted by Brooke Schall at Three Rivers Cleaning. We had a number of cleaning services vying for our business but it wasn’t even close.

Brooke’s professionalism, trustworthiness – have her tell you the story of the reference that put her over the top with us – and fantastic job that she does every time she cleans our offices and studios have made me extremely happy with our choice. And the very best part is, with Brooke in charge, I don’t have to waste any valuable time during my day worrying about it…ever!

We can be a messy bunch! We even have a few employee’s dogs that will spend the day in our offices on occasion. On top of that, we also have some electronic broadcast and computer equipment that needs to be cleaned “delicately” and there’s never a problem or worry.

I can’t recommend Brooke and Three Rivers Cleaning any higher! They are absolutely the best!

Scott Souhrada, Market President

Townsquare Media/Bozeman